Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rain, Glorious Rain

Ahhh, the rain came. Now I need to get the wild grass seed spread in the backyard and get the paths laid out - we're not doing turf grass because neither of us wants to mow and I don't want to have to water it in the summer, when I'll be gone a lot. I should mix in some kind of summer-flowering drought-tolerant annual, too. Maybe mexican torchflower.

Turns out my mystery front-yard flower is lupine. It's some kind of dwarf white lupine, which is why I didn't recognize it right away. In two bare spots I put in some seeds for golden lupine and chinese houses.

I bought some lettuces and onion sets at Home Depot last night (along with 200 lbs of sand for setting stones in the backyard paths). I pulled out my bolted lettuces and set in the new plants, plus I'll put in some seeds and hope it isn't too late for a few more cool-weather crops.

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