Sunday, February 15, 2009


We went snowshoeing along the Pacific Crest Trail in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Rime Ice on a wind-blasted pine tree.
I hate pictures of me, but here you go.
Dan and the boys with some more icy trees.
Eli starring in the most perfect picture I've ever taken.
Paul is an awesome snowshoer and he knows it.


Anonymous said...

well i AM a little sad :(

colleeeen said...

i'm sorry, darling! we'll be doing it again, possibly next weekend. we can rent you some shoes and we'll TEAR UP that trail.

liannallama said...

It looks cold cold cold to me and makes me shiver just thinking of it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos so I could be here warm at home!

Julia Harps said...

that IS pretty cool. Wish it could have worked out for us to go too but alas, denali and her dang fever.
thanks for dinner. I had a good time. so did the kids. Denali loves paul. She's talking about him while she sits on the toilet right now. he he

Julia Harps said...

I thought you might like this. I want one someday. check ti out.

Rachel said...

These pictures are AMAZING. The lighting on them is so eerie.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! You need to come here and go snowshoeing! I bought a nice pair a few years ago, and it is the only thing that keeps me sane during the winter months. If you ever come by here in the wintertime, let me know! We will have a snowshoe date!