Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am a mass murderer.

This week I have been killing myself getting the far corner of the garden ready for planting. I've put in onions, beets, tomatoes and peppers. But something had been sneaking out at night and turning the leaves into lacy little skeletons. I showed the leaves to my local garden store folks and they thought it was probably snails, even though I had seen no slime trails. I bought snail killer just to be safe. But tonight I went out with a flashlight to be sure, and to my horror it was EARWIGS! Dozens of them, eating my plants with soulless insect abandon. I loathe earwigs. I was so furious I began squishing them with my fingers, until I suddenly realized that was disgusting. So I fetched my gloves and went on a killing spree. Yecch.

So tomorrow I put in the eggplants. Oh, and remember when I said I wasn't going to go crazy with starting seeds indoors? I lied, to myself and to you. I am starting all manner of seeds. Sunflowers, cocozelle squash, trombetta di albenga squash, jarrahdale and casper pumpkins, charentais melons, blue and strawberry corn, chard, hollyhocks, mexican torch, portulaca, and who knows what else. I've lost track.

My landlord has had a work crew here all week, tearing out the old rotten patio covers and building a new one on the backyard patio. It's really, really nice, but they're leaving the side patio naked, which is going to increase the temperature of the house by about 1000 degrees this summer. Already the lilies and shady plants are wilting. I have to figure out a cheap way to rig up some shade. I have some poles that might do the trick with sunshade fabric, but this means I'm going to have to sew. And I'm already totally overworked. Wahhh.


Ken said...


I'm happy to get a couple plants growing (and not killing them too soon), I can't even imagine doing as many as you do.

Good luck.

Stephanie said...

You'll have to take some pictures of your garden this year so you can boast about your plentiful harvests.

Good luck to you!

Kimberly said...

You KNOW you're hardcore if you can kill earwigs with your own fingers... ewwww. My interest is piqued. What on earth is strawberry corn.. pinkish colored kernals?