Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Le Coop

Paul goes to school with a boy named Nathaniel. Nathaniel has an awesome Mom named Elizabeth and a very nice Dad named, of course, Dan. So I was blathering at Elizabeth about gardens (they just moved into a house across the street from the school and she wants a vegetable garden) and I just mentioned "someday when we get our chickens," and she jumped on it! She said "We'll go halves with you." They had scrap lumber at their house, we have scrap lumber at our house, and on Sunday after church we joined forces. We wimmin-folk did the child-watching (we had 6 total running around) and the men-folk did the sawing and the drilling and such. So now we have a coop frame built. I think it could comfortably house a flock of 8, which should hopefully keep both households in eggs pretty comfortably.

Later this week I'll get serious about buying chicks or pullets. We'll have to keep them in the garage until they're older anyway, so the coop doesn't have to be done immediately.

Oh! The first shoots of meadow grass have begun coming up in the backyard. We're using the Western Trails mix from High Country Gardens. It's supposed to look like this when it's grown:

I've also picked up some more drought-tolerant flower seeds. Hopefully I can get the backyard looking like a lush desert jungle.

Chemistry exam #2 is on Wednesday. I'm trying to stay calm. Now I need to get off the computer and let Eli's brain rot in front of the TV while I do worksheets and study ALL DAY LONG.


Stephanie said...

I am so jealous about the chickens. I really, really want a coop in my backyard. You'll have to take good notes and tell me how to do it all.

I love the chickens that lay green and brown eggs, I think they are so pretty.

Julia Harps said...

you are super cool. you live in orange county and you are going to have chickens. My kids are neer going to want to leave your house when they come over. he he