Saturday, April 04, 2009

6th folder 6th picture nonsense

another blog meme! this time you go to your My Pictures folder, go to the 6th folder, pick the 6th picture and then blog about it. here ya go:

I cheated a little bid, because picture #6 was dark and nobody was very visible. This is from Mother's Day 2008. After church, we went to Crescent Cove, which is a wee little beach in Laguna. I have made sunset at the beach a bit of a Mother's day tradition. The picture of me up at the top of the blog with the flower and the scarf is actually from this same day. After this, we walked south along the rocks and Dan was standing on an old sea wall when a wave swelled up and splashed him thoroughly. The boys remember it every time we go.

I tag YOU. get to it.


liannallama said...

great pic and glad the boys have such a fun memory, LOL!

liannallama said...

PS--here's my photo nonsense, LOL!