Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ever since we moved in, the house next door has been empty. It was a rental, but so poorly maintained that after the last tenants left, the landlord hasn't bothered to do much. The backyard had a blackberry bramble and we ate many luscious berries from it last summer.

He sent a gardening crew over recently and they did quite a hatchet job. I went over afterward to assess the damage and - gasp! The blackberries had been removed! I nearly cried. But when I went over again last week (I've been salvaging some stuff they didn't haul away), the blackberry roots had sent up a bunch of new leaves & canes. So I went over this morning and dug up every clump that had sprung up outside of the bed they were originally planted in. I probably have close to 2 dozen clumps! Now I just need to decide where I'll be planting them.

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