Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Green Brain

I don't have a green thumb, I have green fever. I've been mapping out my plan for the backyard. I'll be ripping out the peas and fava beans soon and prepping the dirt for more flower seeds. I have seeds for cosmos, mexican torchflower (tithonia), blue flax, scarlet poppies, goldenrod, "root beer" agastache, blue cornflower, mexican hat, and alyssum - I'll be lining the backyard fence with the taller cosmos and tithonia and then filling in below them with the shorter flowers.

Now that the Chemistry exam is over (ugh, I might have squeaked a low A, probably a high B) I can focus on the garden. I have never been so glad to have Conference weekend coming up - a whole weekend to stay home and work on the yard! I have SO MUCH to put in! Two more tomato varieties - Zapotec Pink and something called "salsa." That makes nine varieties of tomatoes this year (Black Krim, Mr. Stripey, Purple Calabash, Hawaiian Pineapple, Old German, Early Girl, and the mystery seedling that came out of the compost pile)! I bought two Cinderella pumpkin vines, because I'm crazy and apparently growing Jarrahdale & Casper pumpkins just wasn't enough. The side yard's concrete patio will be a JUNGLE of vines this summer! I need to get in poles for the cucumbers, a trellis in front of the boys' window for the runner beans to climb up (and block the summer sun), transplant the bush beans and decide where on earth I'm going to trellis the trombetta squash (I'd like to grow it up the patio cover but I'm not sure how to do that). Carrot and radish seeds and a new set of beets... I'm killing myself now but it will all be worth it in summer when the place looks like a jungle.


Julia Harps said...

I can't wait! You inspire all of us. When I grow up I want to be just like you!

Ken said...

Saw a sign the other day that reminded me of you. It said: A garden takes a lot of water, mostly of the perspiration variety. (something like that)

Thanks for setting a good example.

Julia Harps said...

me again.
I was at Target today and we were in the gardening section and Dylan said, "OH! I think Paul's mom has been here before!" YOu are the garden expert around here for sure. he he

Anonymous said...

OK!!! so i have my plants and seeds, and after a careful survey of the back yard I realize I need to rototill, but first i need to kill off weeds and stray grasses...what do i use to do a large area (about 70' x 20'. I want to be able to get my plants back in there in a few days, so nothing that lingers and might possibly kill off other plants...the area is far too large for me to go in there by hand...I don't have that type of time...UGGGHH!!! I should have planned better...if i build beds above the existing weeds and fill in with mulch and soil will those existing weeds die from lack of sun? or just grow up on through? this i a bigger job than i anticipated...DAMN!