Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hopalong Blondie

Blondie and Tuco are our cats - they're brothers from the same litter. Since we've made them outdoor/indoor cats, Blondie has turned mysterious. Twice now he's disappeared for days on end. Last time, he came home after a week. This time, he was gone for five days and he came back looking pretty beat up and walking on his right front "wrist" instead of his foot. We cleaned him up, shaved his leg to see if there was any hidden damage, and meticulously felt his leg bones to see if we could detect a break. Nope. We let him rest and recuperate, but after another few days the limp was still there. Dan took him to the vet, and it turns out our Blondie is now partially paralyzed - it's a typical cat injury; he probably jumped from too high and damaged a nerve.

We could go to a veterinary neurologist, but the truth is we'd rather put our kids through college than theirs. So we'll see if the nerve damage reverses (it does sometimes), or if we just have a mildly disabled cat. Blondie doesn't seem to mind - I still can't keep him off the bed or the back of the couch or the kitchen counters.


Julia Harps said...

so does that mean he can't really feel it?
weird. but glad it isn't a broken bone you've been having him limp around on!

Stephanie said...

I'm sure he'll adapt. When we had a dog, we had to discuss the reality of how much the dog was "worth." We loved him and would do anything for him, as long as it didn't cost much more than $500.

I think it is wise when people remember that animals are animals.

liannallama said...

awww! poor little guy! He probably doesn't mind it as much as you do though--cats are tough! Hopefully it will heal in time.