Friday, April 17, 2009

Thrift Store Score

Nothing much today that might excite YOU, dear friends. But I nearly fell on the floor with happiness when I spotted Masanobu Fukuoka's One Straw Revolution on the bookshelves at Goodwill today. I have been wanting Fukuoka's permaculture manifesto for at least a year now, but never wanted to pay $40 for a used copy. Now it appears it will be re-issued this summer. $10.85 is a great price and I would happily order it for that, but today I lucked out and got it for $2.

In other cheapskate news, my friend Stacy and her husband just bought a house. They moved in and left a lot of their stuff at the townhouse they were renting. As she was telling us about this, Julia and I managed to finagle her spare key so we could go over and paw through her "junk." Some of it was really just junk, but some of it was FREE BOOTY. I will be taking her 6-year-old washer & dryer set, and I hit the Tupperware mother lode, plus some Pampered Chef stuff (a mandoline! I've always wanted a decent mandoline!). Julia got some good stuff too. I am such a scrounge, and I love it.

Elizabeth (my chicken cohort) is in on the game, too. She spotted a bunch of plywood laying around somewhere and had her husband go get it, so now we have plenty of plywood to finish the coop with. Alas, the Wagon Train is all out of chicks right now, so I'll have to see if the feed store near my Mom has any. Viva pollos!


Stephanie said...

You will love your mandoline. I couldn't get the pressure canner - sorry. I'm sure you can get one in your area, though. I'll be on the lookout still.

I was reading something about dumpster diving - about how you can get some awesome stuff, even food (in cans and such) if you are willing to go into the right dumpsters to get it. I wish you were around . . . I would be brave enough to do it if you went with me.

Kimberly said...

Are you a member of freecycle in your area? You ought to get on that service. People sign up on there to unload their "junk" and others scoop it up. You can also make requests for things you can't find. I love the site. I've seen pretty much everything you'd find at a thriftshop plus a lot of new items that people weren't into. All you need to be is pretty close to first to respond, and be willing to pick it up.