Saturday, May 02, 2009


Oh, tell me how much I rule.

Not much time to revel in it, though. Tomorrow afternoon is Paul's family birthday party and the side yard looks like a tornado hit a junkyard. I ripped out most of the wildflowers in the front yard; they had run their course and were looking very shabby. I have so many successful squash seedlings I decided to put some in the front yard, along with some summer-flowering ornamentals.

I bought 10 bags of compost from Serrano Creek Soils so I can make the bare dirt look vaguely nice for tomorrow. I'm going to have to build a bigger compost bin. I have piles and piles of leaves and dead wildflowers to toss in.

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to feed everybody. I'm thinking gigantic pot of pinto beans or maybe chili beans, veggie rice and corn tortillas. Courtney is making Paul's cake; I suck at baking and I don't have time for it anyway. I owe Courtney some very nice favors - she took Paul to Dizzyland for his birthday.

Last weekend we went to the ADZPCTKO. It's an annual festival to celebrate "opening season" for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The PCT is a roughly 2600-mile hiking trail that starts at the Mexican border near Campo, CA and goes all the way to the Washington/Canada border. We plan to hike it sometime around 2015, give or take a year. Every year about 300 idiots attempt to hike the whole thing in one go. Takes about 6 months. We'll figure out some way to do it, but we'll probably do the John Muir Trail sooner than that as a bit of a shakedown. Wanna come along? You have a few years to get ready, and we have plenty of spare gear.

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bubba said...

Congrats on the test! and I am the biggest ass of all time. Not only your anniversary (which I KNEW was coming up) and then Pauls birthday (which I was invited to and COMPLETELY forgot!) Can you ever forgive me?

I have no excuse other than school and tying up loose ends before the big move has got me going in ten different directions at once.

I hope the birthday party was a joy for Paul, and I bet the grub was delicious! Talk to you soon I hope!