Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Seems like every day is set on fast-forward. Bullet points:

1. Got termites in the townhouse. Dan and I have not yet made it over during the day to do an inspection of the underside (it's on concrete pylons on a slope and I'd say at least 50% of the place is off the ground. Since we're seeing the signs at the end that's highest from dirt, I'm hoping we have the flying kind and not the subterranean nasties.

2. Eli's face is healing nicely - the advantage of being not yet four years old is quick healing. Unlike my ankle, which I sprained in early march and is still not 100%. The disadvantage of being almost four is the daily blowout temper tantrums. There are times when I reach the edge of desperation with him. I have no idea what to do about preschool for him this fall. I can't find anything that will cover him for the hours I'll need to be at school (and I don't even know what times Anatomy will be offered in the fall), plus everything costs at least $300 a month and that just isn't possible.

3. One more lecture, one more chapter's homework, and my Chemistry final next Wednesday. Oh, and remember my 98% I was all up in the air about? Turns out he credited everybody with 4 points, so I really only got a 94%. But when I looked at my exam, it turned out that one of my incorrect answers was just me being stupid and marking the wrong answer, even though I KNEW the correct answer. Dummy! I am both relieved and sad to see the end of this class, which I have really enjoyed but which has been a cause of so much stress for me. At times it has seemed that staying in school this semester was the wrong thing to do, but I suspect that if I had dropped out I would really be punishing myself for it. If I may, I take some pride in my tenacity.

4. The tomatoes are thriving. The peppers were hard hit by the earwigs and are staging a slow recovery. I might not kill the cukes this year, but it's still too early to get optimistic. Beans have been challenging. The corn is very spotty - some stalks are already going gangbusters, while others refuse to grow and remain spindly little seedlings. The coop is 80% finished - we need to get hardware cloth stapled on over the vents, figure out what we're doing for doors, and put some sort of roofing over the currently naked plywood roof.

5. I'm going to look at a house on Thursday, up in Modjeska Canyon. The price is extremely attractive, but Dan is still concerned for his job and so I can't be very serious about it and told Joyce (our agent) so, but she was going to see it on her own anyway and so I'm tagging along. It's up in Modjeska canyon and I'm of two minds about that. Part of me longs for the canyons, but a very large part of me sees the incredible inconvenience of moving back up there. The house is pretty much exactly what I want (fixer, older, decent-sized and mostly flat lot), except that it's not 4 bedrooms. We lived in Silverado before, but I think I might actually prefer Modjeska. It seems quieter and the neighborhoods more conducive to meeting one's neighbors.

6. Paul's piano skills are coming along very well. His teacher says his note-reading is good. I am so glad that three or so months in he is still enjoying it, and we don't fight much over practicing. He promises he will teach me this summer, which is my ploy to keep hi practicing and reinforcing the skills he has already learned. It's strange how much I want him to be better than I ever was at everything.


Anonymous said...

oooh!!! careful sister on that last note! Do not use your child as a way to put a finger up at all the hateful little GATE students from 6th grade lol...USE ME!!! I'll flip em off for you!

I just speak from experience is all. I was in pageants until I started growing chest hair as a way for my mother to relive her pageant glory years. Its taken a lot of therapy and plenty of meds to help me through that one... Can we lunch on Tuesday next week? I leave on Wednesday and would like to see you before i go.

Let me know!

Kimberly said...

I may be behind on a lot- so please forgive my confusion. Were you talking about where you live with the termites or the Lake Forest place you used to live? IF it is the Lake Forest place, why don't you live there anymore?

colleeeen said...

Stephen - I'm not flipping the bird at anybody. I just want Paul to be awesome and grow up with useful skill sets, like music literacy and bi- or tri-lingualism. If he ends up busking in the New York subway I will just sigh and have to love him anyway.

Kim - we moved out of the townhouse 1.5 years ago. we rent it out and are currently renting a detached house. We felt pretty cramped in there and since we couldn't sell it or afford to buy a house we found a cheapo one to rent. We take a small monthly loss on the townhouse but have the world's greatest tenants so hopefully it will all work out in the end. If you are really bored you can look back in September-October 2007 to read all the scintillating details.