Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Fullness of Day


Up at 6. Garage sales and scrounging. Found a hacked-up hutch of some sort on the curb and took part of it to make into nesting boxes. Around noon I left the boys at home and helped some new ward members get their moving van unloaded. Bought groceries at the awesome Persian market. Dan almost finished the coop today and rigged up a cool sliding door. I built two short (4' x 6' x 5.5") raised beds to grow squash in the front yard; I used scrap wood I scavenged from a house on the way to Paul's school (I asked permission). We used my NEW $5 Craftsman 2 1/8 HP 7 1/4" circular saw I picked up at a garage sale last weekend. Soooo sweet. Took a large portion of the day.

The chickens ran free-range all day. They are quite entertaining - they fluff up and shimmy into the dirt to give themselves dust baths, they squabble over imaginary treats, they try to jump into the air to catch flying bugs, they roost on the boys' rope ladder.

Tired. Lazy. Need to go to Target, need to do laundry, want to just lay around and eat ice cream while watching Ugly Betty on DVD. Good night.


Kimberly said...

I honestly wish I were more comfortable with power tools. It is frustrating how intimidating they are to me. I just want to know how and be able to tackle any project or feel comfortable winging it. That is why you are my adventure hero. You just attack and accomplish- no fear.

colleeeen said...

No no no. This was my first time ever using a power saw. All I've ever used before is a drill. I was intimidated as heck, but after the first few cuts I felt much more confident. Wish I had a proper work bench or understood better how to lay out my work so it goes smoother. My boxes did not turn out perfectly squared, but filled with straw and plants nobody will ever notice.