Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Paul has lice. I went to get him from school yesterday and he looked so sad. We bought the poison shampoo and did his and Eli's hair (they sleep in the same bed). We grownups are having psychosomatic itching. Dan is clean, but when he looks at my rat-nest hair he doesn't know what he's looking for. I've been itching to shave it anyway so who knows, maybe I'll make him do it.

My final exam is tomorrow but I still had to strip all the bedding, strip the boys' room, wash all the bedding & towels in hot water, comb eggs out of two heads, feed everybody, wash up, and do more garden work (I'm racing the calendar now and need to get as much in as possible before June). The final is 20% of my grade so I need to get at least 75% to keep my A. Egads.


stephaniestempinski said...

Soooo sorry. Been there, done that. I've heard that if you shampoo your kids hair with dandruff shampoo, they are less likely to get lice. I think the lice don't like the taste or something. Head and Shoulders now has a conditioner that I've been wanting to try to test my theory.

Good luck

Ken said...

Went through that as a kid, but had siblings who had it worse than I did.

Isn't your hair getting to that grown out stage? Would be a shame to shave it when you're almost there... And I'm a fan of chicks with shaved heads.

I need to get going on some garden stuff too.

Nora's world said...

I was just talking about this with my dentist(she had just survived an attack with her daughter). She said the shampoo didn't work (they came back), so she used vinegar washes (kills the eggs) and listerine washes (kills the live ones) and olive oil coatings before bed (smothers the live ones and the eggs) once a week until they were gone. She also said she lysoled the carpets, couches and car daily. She is a little extreme, but they haven't been back. Good luck!