Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to Mop

Eli cannot close the screen door. The entire flock of chickens has snuck inside twice today. I obviously need to build them some kind of shady hideout for the middle of the day. #236 on the project list.


Kimberly said...

Your chicken posts crack me up. You make me want a coop of my own- if for no other reason than to amuse myself.

stacymckenna said...

(Commenting after seeing you at homegrownevolution)

Sustainability - have you heard of in San Juan Capistrano? A friend of mine sends:
"Greetings from behind the Orange Curtain!

A couple of us Freedom Gardeners are putting together a casual unofficial meetup in Orange County next month. On Saturday, June 13th from noon to 2:00 we'll mingle, have a swap table (bring your gardening extras), hear a talk by permaculturist Evan Marks on organic soil building techniques, probably have a seed ball workshop for kids hosted by Earthroots Field School, hear about CSAs from South Coast Farms, and more. It will be held at the new, very worthy Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano that occupies an renovated historic farm house surrounded by farmland . All are invited, Orange County or not of course. We hope to meet you and your family, share success stories, commiserate over garden tragedies, etc. There will likely be some beverages there, maybe some snacks, but we're not asking for potluck contributes for lunch. Feel free to bring your own lunch though. There will be a 5 dollar facility fee per teen and adult visitor. Should be fun! Please RSVP to so we have a head count.

The Ecology Center
32701 Alipaz, San Juan Capistrano"

That event is gardening oriented, but I know many of the folk there are sustainability-minded and you might find some good local resources by networking there.

Aunt Christine said...

I get the image of your chickens running rampant through the kitchen like the Bumpus's dogs in "A Christmas Story".