Monday, June 08, 2009


We have had the first fruits of our summer garden. Several early Girl tomatoes, some very small yellow onions, a handful of green beans almost every day, 2 cucumbers. I picked one fushimi pepper, but this is my first time growing them and by the taste I must have picked far too early. My Japanese eggplants are already fruiting and the other eggplants have bushed out considerably and have many blossoms now. I suspect that my cucumbers are not Japanese suhyo; they seem too thick and have too much curve to them. My mild Japanese obsession is now irked.

Some of my tomatoes are wilting. I am afraid they have verticillium wilt, which is incurable and has the added glory of staying in the soil for years. They must have come from the nursery with this disease, as that section of the yard has had nothing but weeds and rocks in it for a loooong time. I am ticked off about the lost time (I planted them in APRIL! I've lost two months!) and have already bought backup tomatoes to plant elsewhere. I will take in a sample to the nursery for a second opinion, but even the alternative diagnoses are also pretty much fatal. I am already resigned to losing the space and having to solarize the soil. I'll do it when I'm off to the beach and Montana.

Yes, barring any disasters, Montana is happening. And Mom may go with me. And bring my nephew Noah. We may get creative with the route home - Mom would like to swing over to Washington and drive down the coast, which I think sounds wonderful. Me, Mom, and three little boys driving almost 3000 miles together. I may need some pills.


Kimberly said...

We drove from coastal Oregon down all the way to home, stopping off and camping along the way last year. It was awesome. I'd definitely do it again. I'd love to do Montana- especially Glacier National and Yellowstone someday. You'll make memories on your trip that will be valuable beyond compare. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

If you ever decide to go to Montana, I can offer you free lodging on Flathead Lake with a million-dollar view. We're saving Yellowstone for when the boys are old enough to not kill themselves by falling into boiling water. (by the way, this is Colleen.)

Anonymous said...

I want to go to Montana with you!!! But I have already failed with one trip (yes, back in cali now)I don't think I could handle the failure of another (and quite frankly, I think I would get on your mothers nerves after a few miles lol!) but anyway have fun...(by the way, this is Stephen)