Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Our internet connection has been out. Very often. I am totally fed up, although I notice that my net-free days are much more productive ones.

Today Eli is 4. I am shockingly sad and sentimental about it, considering that my heart is normally made of frozen marble. He went to Dizzyland with his Aunt Christine and had a hootenanny of a good time.

Yesterday I walked by a young Persian (Iranian) couple in a parking lot. The young man had on a green wristband, a green headband and a green shirt, and the young lady had on a green turtleneck. They had a green flag attached to their car. I have always felt an affinity for Iran (it's on my short list of fantasy world travel) and seeing them made me suck in my breath, tear up a little and want to run over and hug them. I should have. I totally understand the urge to want to knock the snot out of the Iranian government, to be the world's big brother (not in the Orwellian sense), but I also understand why we have to keep out of it. But it still pulls at my heartstrings.

Did I tell you about Paul's piano recital? He refused to play; no surprise there! He stayed in his teacher's kitchen (where the students waited their turn) and cried a little and would not come out. He also refused to go up front and sing "I'm so Glad When Daddy Comes Home" in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday (all the kids go up). He's not really shy on a personal basis, but MAN will that kid not perform in front of any kind of audience.


Stephanie said...

Yea for Eli! and yea for Paul for even getting to the venue (I've heard phobias like this are terribly frightening).

Sorry about the technical difficulties, glad you updated!

Kathryn said...

A day at Disneyland for a way to spend it when you're 4. Yeah Eli!

Too funny on Paul not wanting to sing in Sacrament meeting. For Mother's Day, Katelyn (7 yr old) refused to sign a song about grandmothers. Later told me it's because "your mom wasn't there!" As if it's my fault she's not in our ward. Sheesh. And for Father's Day, half way through the first song Laura (3 yr old) disappeared. There one second, gone the next. As Clark and I are looking at each other we hear a high pitched scream "Leave me alone!" and see Katelyn trying to make little sister stand. I had to pantomine from my seat to let Katelyn know to leave her alone. Clark just rolled his eyes and said "yep only our girls!" Kids...gotta love them. :)

Kimberly said...

Something about Persia and the shah days... very romantic in an Arabian Nights sort of way. I too feel for the entire country, and hope this is more than a Tiananmin square for them- that their voices won't be able to be shut out, and that eventually they'll be able to secure the right to true democracy.

As far as Paul, I feel for him. I can talk without any fear whatsoever to a bunch of 4th graders, but give me a group of adults and I'm breaking into hives.