Friday, June 05, 2009

Your Opinion Is Solicited

I've been thinking about splitting up into two blogs - a farm/garden blog and a personal blog. I know you're all fascinated by everything I write, whether it be poultry mishaps or Eli dialogues, but I'm betting the farm-y parts are slightly less scintillating for some of you. And as I connect with other backyard farmer-types, I'm thinking they might not be as enthralled with my family shenanigans.

Opinions? It's not imminent; I don't even have a snazzy title for my theoretical second blog. "The Real Farmwives of OC" is already passe.


liannallama said...

stay one blog! It's easier to follow that way!

Stephanie said...

Please just stay with one blog - one always ends up trumping the other and the other one will get swept away into bloggie land. I like both things!

Ken said...

I definetely see your points on splitting into two blogs, and they make a lot of sence, but you also don't want to be repeating your self when what you're blogging about contains both family and farming componants.

I'll agree with what ever you choose.

Oh, hey... what about an outdoor/camping type blog too? Then you could do three blogs, and spend all your free time at the computer instead of being outdoors, farming, and with your family. (just joking about the 3rd blog, btw)

Kimberly said...

I'd follow any and all blogs coming from you. I'm not a green thumb on any scale, so I enjoy reading about your adventures in the garden and dream of one day not killing everything I touch. As long as you continue to keep at least one blog about you and your family's news, I'll be happy.

Rachel said...

Sounds like twice the fun. I have two blogs and before I started the second one I contemplated just keeping the one but I'm glad that I didn't. It's nice to have a dedicated blog.