Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost Ready

The packing is building to a crescendo - it has finally cooled down enough outside to start loading up the car. Tent, sleeping pads, pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, cameras, clothes, life jackets, swim fins, books, crayons, mini DVD player, toiletries, snacks, cooler full of frozen drinks... I will invariably forget something.

I forgot to mention that Dan has been gone at Scout Camp since Saturday noon. We won't see him until we pick him up at the Missoula airport on Saturday afternoon. I hope I'm doing a competent job of packing, but honestly it's better with him gone because I always react so badly to his presence and input when I'm doing something like this. I freak myself out, imagining that he's criticizing me when he's probably just being benignly inquisitive, and am kind of sad to discover that I'm much calmer doing this without him.


Stephanie said...

You at least have Dan home for a little while so if you forget something, he can just bring it with him to Missoula. Have a wonderful time!

Rachel said...

Enjoy the boat for me!

Oh, and you forgot tooth brushes, but you can buy them up there.