Sunday, July 05, 2009


Today is Daniel's birthday! We had pie at my mother's house yesterday to celebrate and of course watched the fireworks. Chino allows "safe & sane" fireworks but many fine citizens believe this means they are also free to set off roman candles, bottle rockets and all manner of illegal sky-exploding chemical cocktails. While I tut-tut, I also enjoy the illegal shows, so again we see my hypocrisy knows no bounds. We sat out in the street with many of the neighbors who've seen me grow up (my parents bought that house in 1985) and set off our own legal explosions while enjoying the blatantly illegal show somebody was putting on the next street over. Many mosquitoes joined the party as well, judging from the small red mountain range growing on my back today.

Daniel has elected to bake his own birthday cake today, which I think speaks volumes about the quality of my baking (I make a rad fruit pie, though). The boys gave him gifts from their own toy collections and Paul even gave Dan some of his foreign coins, which says L-O-V-E. I gave him pretty much nothing, because he wouldn't tell me anything that he wanted. So this week I will get him the totally unromantic gift of new pillows, because we have had our down pillows since we got married and they have pretty much lost all of the poof by now. Don't worry, he never reads this, so as long as you keep your stinking mouth shut it will be a surprise.

This Saturday is the first day of the Annual Clemens Family Beach Campout. I am unspeakably tired of San Clemente State Beach and Dan semi-agrees with me. We have agreed that he will lobby for the idea of changing location next year. We will almost certainly lose; inertia requires a lot of force to overcome and I don't think we carry much weight in these matters. But we will try. We were thinking maybe one of our mountain lakes (Big Bear, Arrowhead, Silverwood) but heck, I'll settle for even a different beach.


Rachel said...

I was in Chino too, enjoying the illegal fireworks. I LOVE them. It seemed like every street around us was shooting them off.

And if you're looking for a different beach, I like Carpenteria. Small beach, close to Santa Barbara. Win-win.

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

I'm sure it won't help but I definately vote for mountain lake next year.

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday to Dan! I'm so glad you married him and that he makes you happy!