Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I settled on a vibrant coral. I got haz-mat orange. I now have a toxic chicken coop! There will be a new quart of paint in the future, but probably not until after I am back from Montana. Until then, the side yard will be lit at night with the soft glow of the fluorescent hen-house.

On to Montana. The really bad news is that we have a pinion bearing that has worn out in the rear axle of the Suburban. If I could fix it myself it would be $126, but I do NOT know how to do that, do not really have time to do it even if i could, and we do not wish to part with the approximately $900 it will cost to have it professionally done. SO we will now be driving to Montana in my Mom's minivan, which I do not want to do but I don't see any other option. My station wagon only holds five.

Now I have to go make a pot of pappa alla pomodoro for the Relief Society dinner tonight. I almost had to be a model in the "fashion show" tonight, but thankfully I dodged that bullet. Then I have to go back to frantically cleaning the house and yard in case people actually show up tomorrow.


Stephanie said...

Have so much fun in Montana that you forget about your little pinion thingie! Driving in a mini-van isn't the worst thing that could happen, you might actually like it!

Have a ton of fun - did your mom decide to go with you?

colleeeen said...

Yes, Mom is coming. The plan is also to bring Noah, Matthew's 6-year-old. That's why we can't take my wagon.