Friday, July 10, 2009

Nap, anyone?

The party went great. It was imperfect but lovely. No children were seriously injured. Hostessing is exhausting. Stephen came down early and was more than just my right-hand man; he was extraordinary. Elizabeth helped a great deal, too. Lots of people came, three picnic packs of chicken were not enough. I think Dan had a good time even though he'll never let on. He prefers to rib me about it being a semi-surprise party, because I told him once that I hate surprise parties. I only hate the ones where you're not expecting anything at all and then you walk in and your so-called friends jump out from behind the couch and give you a coronary.


Julia Harps said...

It was fun!

Anonymous said...

We had a good time, Sabrina was sad that Friday didn't materialize as planned- we'll have to do another visit when you get settled in again back from your trip- maybe by then we'll be in our own place (or not)... we'll see.