Thursday, July 09, 2009

Panic On the Streets of El Toro

Party tonight. Yard slowly coming together - not pretty, but not horrible. The pumpkin vines have taken off and add welcome greenness to the otherwise barren backyard. Our neighbors are watering their backyard trees and have sort-of-flooded part of my backyard, which irritates me a bit because we are on water rationing now. House cluttered, but a lot can and should be relocated into the garage. Kitchen messy, but there's a lot of food to be prepped later so I'll save cleanup until the end.

No clue how many people are coming. Invited lots of friends, both secular and churchical. Hope we all mix well! Bought three "picnic packs" of chicken thighs and drumsticks this morning, they're marinating right now in tikka masala and citrus garlic. About 15 ears of corn, 18 lbs of watermelon, 13 lbs of papaya, yellow and black plums, cameo apples. Kim's bringing pasta salad, Elizabeth is bringing a rice dish of some kind. Hope I have enough cups and plates. Just realized I don't have enough cutlery, wondering if I can get away with not providing much - chicken can be eaten with your hands, right? Ha, I'll have to get at least some forks.

Dan knows we are having friends over tonight, but doesn't know it's for his birthday and has no idea how many people I've invited, but seeing me prep 20 pounds of chicken this morning should have raised a red flag. Crud, I never ate breakfast.


aunt christine said...

Sounds like fun!! Wish I could come, sis.

colleeeen said...

I wish a lot of things, sis. I'll have a no-particular-reason party this fall and hopefully you can all come.

Stephanie said...

We're coming down in a couple of weeks - wish we could be there now!

Love to you and your boys!