Monday, July 20, 2009

Too Hot to Work!

Trying to get the garden ready for me to be gone almost three weeks is NOT fun. I must get up as early as possible to do the outside chores, before the heat threatens to bring out Cranky Mama. I turned the compost pile this morning and added the bedding from the henhouse to it - chicken manure is supposed to speed up decomposition. At the bottom I had real, honest-to-goodness compost. My first homemade compost! I filled up my galvanized bucket twice and moved some over to the vegetable beds. Tonight I will mix it with the remainder of my compost from Serrano Creek Soils and mulch the vegetables as thickly as I can. the drip system is still not done and I haven't even cracked the manual for the timer - I can only hope it's simple or I'll have to beg Elizabeth to water the garden on our rationing days (I'm trying to be a good citizen, insert big sigh here).

I have baby banana melons and a baby canteloupe (charentais)! There are at least 9 pumpkins on the vines now and just at the end of June I finally got the runner beans planted along the courtyard and installed the trellises for them to climb. We'll see if it helps at all with cooling that side of the house. I got the gourd vines in the ground and the stevia bush, but it took some kind of beating and several branches are now broken off. Hope it recovers. I tied up rope trellises for the climbing squash and will do the same for the San Miguel Coral Vine.

i loathe packing. I'm not good at it. That, plus this heat, is slowly making me insane. Feh, I should stop wasting time on the computer.


Anonymous said...

I love that you have a stevia bush! How cool is that? Do you plan on harvesting your own stevia?


Anonymous said...

That's the plan. We'll see if it pans out, but I thought it would be nice to grow our own sweetener!