Monday, August 31, 2009

Decisions & Eggs

I dropped Anatomy. It was at the wrong time, on the wrong days. I still had no idea what to do with the boys before their school started (Dan volunteered to work from home, bless him), Paul has come down with whatever Eli had last week, and for some reason I was on the verge of choking and crying whenever I thought about the class. I feel both massively relieved and like a complete chicken. I thought that if I could get through Chemistry after what happened this January, I could get through anything, but right now I just feel overwhelmed. I'll figure it out. The only thing I'm really angry at myself about is that I didn't have this freakout BEFORE the semester started - I could have just enrolled in a less-threatening class, like Algebra, and still felt like I was moving forward. I'll have to look into Adult Education through the school district.

On the home front, we had our first little pullet egg yesterday! It was about half the size of a normal egg, but that's to be expected when the girls are not quite grown up yet. It has been insanely hot and we've had to refill the ladies' water daily. We are on more restrictive water rationing as of tomorrow, so I'll be lugging the boys' bathwater out to the garden every time from here on out.


Stephanie said...

Congratulations on the egg! You'll be swimming in albumen in just a couple of months I'm sure.

Sorry about the class . . . you'll get there, you have the smarts and the will.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

look!!! You have accomplished so much! You are still one of the most interesting people I have ever met (and you manage to remain so whilst still living in Orange County, CA which is a damn feat!). You constantly teach me new things. You bring me gifts. You are loyal, funny, talented, and so many other sounds-like-I-am-blowing-sunshine-up-your-behind things.

Anatomy is a minor setback, you have many things that at this time are more important. We all believe in you. PLEASE don't beat yourself up about this.

sending my love and best wishes.

Kimberly said...

When the timing is wrong, you know it. Just because you dropped the class doesn't mean you've lost the momentum to move forward. You're facing the right direction still- and that's what is most important. You never know what things are in the works behind the scenes. There could be other reasons that you need to not be in class right now, you just don't have awareness of them yet.

Sabrina considers eggs to be her favorite food- which I've always considered amusing. Congrats to the ladies. :)