Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Irredeemably Stupid

Seriously, I'll never learn.

I have an injured ankle. I have to find new tenants. I have overdue library materials. Did I elect to just drive straight home in 2 days? No. I elected to follow my mother's dream and drive over to the Olympic Peninsula, a place she says she has always wanted to see. I strongly suspect she just wanted to see Forks because, yes, my mother is a Twilight fan. In all other ways she is a well-educated and reasonably emotionally balanced person, so I'll cut her some slack and only mock her a teeny bit.

So when we could have been home in 2 days (in theory; we seem to be disaster magnets right now), instead we took 6. Mom doesn't like camping very much. The boys fought a lot. We saw some beautiful stuff and I definitely want to see the peninsula again with Dan, but MY GOSH driving home from northern WA takes a bloody long time, even on the 5. We stopped at my aunt & uncle's house in central CA and had a layover day before the final push home. I've slept at least 10 hours both nights since I've been back. My stupid ankle is still swollen and doesn't want to work right.

No more whining. I got to see the REI flagship store in Seattle and it was overwhelmingly huge. I think our family destiny lies north. I got to see the cute little house my family lived in during their Oregon Experiment - the neighborhood has fallen into disrepair and I think that made Mom feel better about how the whole thing didn't work out. My Aunt Joan gave me an adorable pair of antique children's skis - she knows we want to learn cross-country skiiing. Seeing Uncle J and Aunt Joan was wonderful, even if my children were astonishingly poorly behaved while we were there.

There's something to be said for learning from the bad times but only remembering the good.


Stephanie said...

You're a good daughter for taking your mother someplace she wanted to see. She deserves good things.

So do you! Get thee to a doctor and get a brace for the ankle. I hope it feels better soon.

Love you!

Julia Harps said...

does this mean you are back?
you crazy adventurer you!

liannallama said...

Glad you are home safe and (reasonably) sound! What adventures you had on your trip--the boys will remember this forever and that's all good!

Ken said...

I've heard it said that our minds, and time treat the "not so great" experiences in our lives the same way an oyster treats a grain of sand... Over time, we gloss over and pollish those memories until they become pearls in our past. So now, when ever those "bad" times are upon us we call them "future pearl" experiences.
Sounds like you've added a few pearls this summer.

Fox Family said...

Colleen, you are so entertaining to read!! I bet your mom appreciated the detour.

Kimberly said...

I love the Great Northwest. People told me before I moved to Portland that the rain and gray skies would depress me, but honestly, it was the prettiest place I can imagine living- especially the coast. I'd settle that direction if they paid teachers well enough to eek a living, but unfortunately even in the urban schools and decreased coast of living, it isn't enough of a trade off. That said, I hope your ankle is on its way to healing... stay off of it! (I know, what a pain- literally)...