Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Getting So I Suck a Bit Less

I'm registered for guitar - the deciding factor was that it was on Tuesday night. Sewing is on Wednesdays, and that's the night Dan has Elders Quorum meetings. I am in Beginning Acoustic Guitar, and I suspect my teacher will be the same semi-hippie British lady I had two years ago, so I already have the right book! although I think I already know all the chords we'll be learning, we'll also be learning picking and different strums. I have actually been practicing almost daily. In Montana I spent 25 cents on the sheet music of Patti Smith's Because the Night and I've been mangling that for the past month and a half. B minor is a great-sounding chord, but it's horrible difficult to get my fingers in position!

Eli had his first day of preschool today. He'll say "hola," "adios," and "gracias," but ask much more of him and he hides his face in your shoulder. The teachers did not tell me of any breaches of etiquette, so I assume he did not hit anybody or start any fights, which we have begged him repeatedly not to do. Eli relishes starting fights and getting into arguments - I am close to ripping out my own hair on a regular basis. He understands that poor behaviour means he can't go to school, so I have high hopes. However, we go back to the dentist tomorrow morning for attempt #2 at fixing his rotten molar, and my hopes are comparatively muted. Attempt #1 did not go well. We have pulled out all the stops and offered Disneyland as a reward (we got 3-day passes as a birthday gift from Daniel's Mom). The reason Eli has rotten molars is because we have to sit on him and pin his arms down in order to brush his teeth, during which he flails around and screams like some kind of trapped animal. He bites both fingers and toothbrushes, and one particularly weak model actually snapped in two while clenched between his teeth. At least we can say nothing is ever boring with Eli.


Kathryn said...

Oh you just totally described Katelyn with that teeth brushing scene about Eli! Well Katelyn a few years back. From the time she was 2 until she was about 6, she fought teeth brushing just like Eli. She doesn't on her own just fine now and really only fights it if we see that she hasn't done a good enough job and we have to go in and rebrush for her. And forget flossing! I've tried to teach her, even got her those floss things already done up. She won't do them. And us trying to do it for her pretty much ends up like how teeth brushing used to be. Interesting is that so far she's been cavity free. Go figure.

sleepless said...

Hey..Good Luck with the guitar !! Any escape you are remotely interested in qualifies !!! Good luck with the kid too !! They turn into really nice people if you let them live that long !!

sleepless said...

Mother's day before last my kids gave me a laptop and a digital camara and told me to join the twentyfirst I am working on that....I was checking out Shannon's lists and found you.FUN !!

Stephanie said...

I wish I could take guitar with you!

I hate that Eli is making tooth brushing such a power struggle. Because of my English heritage, I worry about rotten teeth more than I worry about anything else. I want Annie to have pretty teeth and I don't ever want her to have to have dental work or braces. Good luck to you!