Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Two Days

And then school starts.

Remember how panicked I was about Kindergarten? Seems silly now, two years into this public education thing. And yet the unknown of what second grade will ask of us still floats out there, taunting me. Eli starts preschool next week and I feel no anxiety whatsoever about it - bubbling hope best describes my feelings on that front. Still no word on whether the school got that grant for a Chinese program. If they don't, I may try to organize private group classes.

We've decided not to panic about my education. It will be OK. I'm thinking about trying another Chemistry course in the spring, to see if I really like it or if my academic crush on Dr. Zoval was really the driving force behind my enjoying Chem the last time around.

Oh, we may close escrow next week. One less tether tying us to this place. Our future is wide open and terrifying and exciting.

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