Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why Can't it Feel Like Fall, Too?

It's sticky and hot. Fall is my least favorite time of year here, mostly because it feels like summer got tired of being nice and decided to get cranky. And the fires. Oh, how I hate the fires.

The summer garden is winding down; I need to tear out the last of the green beans, which had an excellent run and gave us lots to eat. Beans are definitely going to be permanent summer fixtures now. I need to get peas in the ground this month - hopefully we will not have any more scorching heat waves before winter truly arrives.

Melons, not so much success. I had a difficult time with watermelons last summer and this year's crop (cantaloupes as well) has been a big disappointment. The vines look nice, but the pumpkin vines look even better and those have been MUCH more successful. I already have three fat white pumpkins curing on the back porch and many more swelling rapidly on the vines. I had all but written off the Jarrahdales, but suddenly they have exploded and I have at least four lovely pumpkins puffing up now. The Cinderella vine may give me nothing at all, but that's my fault. I will continue to do pumpkins, but I think melons do not care for me or our yard. Oh, and I have two Corsican gourd vines that have given me two beautiful gourds so far.

We finally got another decent two weeks of tomatoes, but given the amount of plants I put in, the crop has been VERY disappointing. Dan thinks we must have poor soil in the side yard - our landlord's father runs a street-sweeper business and Dan jokes that when Mr. Landlord put in the retaining wall and filled in the sloped part of the yard, he used street sweeper dirt. I know we are not lacking in nitrogen, as the plants came up hale and hardy, but the fruiting was sporadic and some plants never set fruit at all. I will rotate the tomatoes to the backyard next summer, if we are still here.

There is a new anxiety in the air at Dan's work. It may come to nothing, it may become what we fear, or it may just be a big change. But it does make me extra glad we are shedding the condo. If we have to leave California I'll be glad it's not ours anymore. I am strangely nostalgic - we did have our two babies there.


liannallama said...

Oh, I will cross my fingers and think good thoughts for you all!

sleepless said...

Lots of scarey in the air..and it's not just Halloween !!
We just about have our house sold here I think...we'll probably accept the counter offer...too bad we couldn't do this a few years ago when there was money in it !!