Monday, October 05, 2009

Fall Cleaning

Today I stripped out the eggplants and most of the tomatoes. The Cherokee Purple had a few more lovelies that need another week or so to turn ripe, so it was given a brief reprieve. I left the shiso, the basil, and the parsley standing for now, but I really need to pluck some flower stalks off the shiso and see if I can save any seeds.

I strung up a batch of Anaheim chiles on a strand of yarn and they are now hanging from the patio rafters to dry. I have 10 or more fat pumpkins (Caspers and Jarrahdale Blues) curing on the patio wall, and two more Jarrahdales on the vine. I've pulled out the melon vines, and found a volunteer cantaloupe hiding amongst the tomatoes (I used to have a free-form compost pile over there).

Today I went to three different places and bought seeds and winter crop seedlings - cabbage, cauliflower, brocoli, bok choi. And a box of high-phosphorous bone meal, because I bought two short-season tomato plants and this summer has taught me that while I am overflowing with nitrogen, our soil is phos-deficient in places - many of my tomatoes never set fruit. At least they were excellent hornworm host plants, which made my chickens very happy! I planted the tomatoes today in the box that held my cantaloupes and watermelons - there's an eggplant in there that I planted very late in the summer and it is doing so well I am optimistic for my 'maters.

Another momentous event occurred today, about which I am really divided. Daniel ordered a snazzy new flat television and it arrived this afternoon. Part of me feels the giddy excitement of new, cool technology, and part of me feels wasteful and frivolous and not at all certain that we needed a TV anyway. The old one still worked, although not all buttons were functional and the remote was required to operate it. I'm definitely conflicted about this.


Anonymous said...

that was the "surprise"!? no wonder the man left it with your friend. And get over conflicted. It is okay to own some new technology. And lets face it, you did kind of need a new tv. you can't live the rest of your life as if you are poverty level when we all certainly know you aren't lol...anyway, im feeling better, slept most of the day. Wish i was better and I would have stayed with you and helped you in the garden. I need some good earth time.

fever ray tomorrow YEAH! so ill see you then and we can talk further. tootles!

Ken said...

You've mentioned a couple times this "curing" of the pumpkins you have. What is that? Picking them and just letting them sit? I have a couple pumpkins that are probably done growing. Should I be curing them?

I'd like to put in some broccoli and cauliflower in the garden. Where shuld I go for seedlings? Or is seed just as good a way to start with those. Oh, and bok choy.


colleeeen said...

Yup, curing is just a fancy term for letting them sit.

You should be able to get seedlings at any local nursery. My SoCal gardening book says it's already too late to grow broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower from seed (oops!), so I bought seedlings but am going to try growing from seed as well and just cross my fingers.

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

I am so impressed with your gardening skills. I wish I was better at it, but I am working on it. I just want all the skill and a huge garden right now. I do have a tomato plant that thinks it's a giant, my eggplants are getting big, and I have one bell pepper plant that is finally producing a lot. I've got to get the winter garden in this week. I did finally move the earth worms to a new container and have lots of worm poop to add to the garden. Thanks for continuing to inspire me.