Sunday, November 15, 2009

Campin' Out

Phew! Full weekend. Went camping with our relatively new friends the Wilsons on Friday night. Paul and Eli LOVED having other kids to play with - typically we camp alone and other kids are in short supply. It was coooold and campfires were banned, so we used a fake propane-powered campfire thingy Dan bought a while ago, similar to this one. I teased him horribly when he bought it, but now I officially eat every one of those words. I married a visionary. That fake campfire saved the evening. The kids burned marshmallows over it, I played the guitar poorly while we sat around it, and we stayed up waaaay late just talkin' and scooting closer and closer to it as the night grew colder and colder. In the morning, the Wilsons cooked everybody breakfast and then we hiked to the Ortega Oaks candy store. After that, we finished the San Juan Loop trail, broke camp and headed home.

Saturday night Dan and I went to the O'Briens for a digital slide show of a backpacking trip Dan, another Dan (Julia's Dan), Brett, and Terry went on back in August. I wasn't able to go on the backpacking trip, but I still enjoyed the re-living. Although by 9:30 I was almost asleep on their couch. Remember I am an old woman now and can't handle that much excitement in one day.


Kimberly said...

I love how you keep telling yourself you're an old woman. Lady- you're not old... since when is 34 old? You're not even midlife yet.

Anyhooo, been catching up on your blog. It is fun to read.

Marque and Sarah said...

We stopped at that candy store on our way from San Juan Mission to my brother's house in Lake Elsinore. Good candy!