Thursday, November 19, 2009


Fall! It's downright surreal, but this has almost felt like a real Autumn, not just an angry extension of summer. Of course I'm cold all the time, but that's because I am apparently a reptile woman.

The raised beds in the front yard are almost all planted in with collard greens, cauliflower, four different kinds of lettuce, cabbage, bok choi, cilantro, arugula, and chard. Today I will be ripping out the last of the pumpkin vines, except for the Cinderella, which at some point actually decided to give me one beautiful little pumpkin. I will let her go until she dies out herself. The "winter tomatoes" are growing beautifully, but I fear that this wonderfully cool Fall means the tomatoes will never ripen. The eggplant is full and lush, but sloooow to fruit, again because of the cool weather.

We were given two black sex-link chicks that a young lady I am acquainted with found in a box on the sidewalk. One little rooster and one little hen. One of our full-grown hens, Salt, is broody right now (meaning she wants to hatch eggs, which is NEVER going to happen), so I tried to "graft" the chicks to her. Failed. The little rooster died in the night and the little hen is back inside under the heat lamp next to the snake, who is VERY interested in her. We had to block his view, which calmed him down. The poor girl is all alone and I will probably end up buying her a sister to grow up with. I am a sucker extraordinaire. At least I said no to the turtles I was offered! Although if they had been tortoises I would have been tempted...

And Dan still has a job. A letter was finally issued: Dan's division is up for sale, but nobody is losing their job. For now. I told Dan to do whatever he wants - stick with it and be optimistic, or look for other opportunities. He's choosing to be optimistic. For now.

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