Tuesday, December 01, 2009

@#$%& Earwigs!


They ate my mizuna mustard. I finally got it to germinate, and the $#@%#%!! earwigs ate it all. I cannot go to the #$@% nursery and buy a flat of mizuna. I will try to track down a Japanese nursery, but in the meantime I start all over. I loathe earwigs. They are the scum of the Arthropoda.


Jessica said...

I spotted 4" pots of mizuna at Lowe's tonight, each having several seedlings in it. Apparently it is getting trendy- maybe you will get lucky at your local home improvement store!

colleeeen said...

Well hell. I went to THREE local nurseries today and nobody had so much as a boring ol' curly mustard. I am feeling very foul-mouthed today, LOL!

Stephanie said...

I think you have the right to swear when bugs are eating your hard work.

Good luck.

Marque and Sarah said...

I hate earwigs too.