Monday, December 21, 2009

'tis the season

to be tired.

The countdown is on, and although I think we are completely stocked for all necessary gifts, I am not done sewing this year's gift bags. I first sewed gift bags last Christmas, but apparently we had many long, skinny gifts last year and the bags don't fit this year's gifts.

The bags are exceedingly simple. I sew them out of fabric that has no "wrong" side - looks the same on either side. I cut out a long rectangle of fabric that I then fold into a shorter rectangle. I cut out a length of ribbon long enough to tie into a generous bow, fold it in half, and then I pin the folded ribbon end into one of the sides of the folded rectangle, about 1/3 of the way from the top. I sew up the sides (the ribbon is sewn into the seam), finish the seams so they don't fray, hem the top and then turn it inside out. Voila! Stuff a gift in the bag and tie the ribbon. Batik fabrics look especially pretty for these bags. We have a wild rainbow of prints and colors under the tree this year.


Ken said...

I need visual instructions. They sound very cool.

colleeeen said...

OK, here's the closest I could find:

My cutting is much less uptight, and I stitch a ribbon into one of the side seams so it's permanently attached, but they just tie on a ribbon afterward.

Stephanie said...

I know it's ecologically unsound, but I still like the sound of paper being ripped open on Christmas morning.

Do you think there is a recording of paper ripping that would do the same thing as the pine scent does for the artificial tree?


Julia Harps said...

I have always admired your gift bags. they are so pretty and cool.

sleepless said...

I LOVE how unique you are and love to hear how you do things !!! thanks for sharing !!!