Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vermin in Ermine

An actual cool fall. Amazing. We are 11 days from the actual solstice, and it's chilly and damp. So much so that I had to get out my rabbit fur coat last night so as not to freeze at our Relief Society progressive party. Brrr!

Bonfire Christmas Party. Next Friday the 18th. My backyard. Potluck, bring firewood if you can. We'll have cocoa and spiced cider and wassail and possibly some caroling if we get silly enough.

We played hooky this week and tried to go snowshoeing. Disaster! The snow was dry, deep powder, and the road was only plowed to just past Mtn. High so the terrain was too steep. We tried, but Eli fell too much and got wet and cold and started screaming. Then we had to flounder our way back up the hillside to the car. Very little fun was had. Hopefully Yosemite will be better.

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