Thursday, January 28, 2010

As if I'm not already busy enough

I am trying to organize a women's musical collective. Composing a Craigslist ad for this is tricky, as I attempt to convey that we are not looking to establish a mystical Lilith Faire-type feminine empowerment group, but rather just looking to play music without having to deal with any male/female sexual tension or the occasional patriarchal nonsense that can occur when working with men. I've found a woman named Linda who is a drummer, and we are trying to attract chicks who play pretty much anything to have a once a week (or once every other week) jam session.

Intermediate Algebra is in full swing. So far I am at 100% but I know that will inevitably slip. I had to turn in today's homework with two "I do not understand the question" answers. Since that's 2 out of roughly 100 problems, I hope I won't get dinged for lack of completion. We are working on linear functions now, using slope and y-intercepts. Do you remember f(x)= m*x+b? It's apparently all graphing from here on out. I find graphing tedious, but Daniel LOVES this stuff so at least I have an enthusiastic tutor when I need him. My professor fits loosely into the "loveable a-hole" category; he is entertaining and loaded with personality and mocks students very gently. He tried to give me a sticker this morning because I got a perfect score on the quiz (YES I'm bragging), which is absolute mockery but I don't mind.

Our insane, possibly drought-busting (temporarily) rains have made quite a headache for me. The chicken's run is soggy mud and their bedding got wet. I need to fence off the veggies and let the girls run loose in the side yard. This SUCKS because I am busy and lazy and the thought of fencing it off makes me want to cry a little bit. I'd better go forage for broken branches in the creek and get started.


Julia Harps said...

you're amazing and fun. you do cool things.

colleeeen said...

shouldn't you be packing? ;) dang, I'm going to miss you.

Stephanie said...

I agree with Julia. Good luck with the girl band - I hope you find some cool chickas to jam with.

Rachel said...

1.) I broke out in hives just glancing over your math paragraph.

2.) What do you mean he "tried" to give you a sticker. Did he offer and you didn't take it? Or was he mockingly offering you one? Because being offered a sticker and refusing it is just place crazy.

colleeeen said...

He offered. I declined. I explained that since I have children I am already drowning in stickers (on the house windows, the car windows, the furniture, ruined in the laundry...) and didn't need to add to the insanity.

Kimberly said...

I always feel a bit lost helping Sabrina with her pre-algebra work even, so I'm a bit jealous that you're doing well in the intermediate coursework... Algebra just about kills me.

I understand the whole woman thing. I wish I had time to devote to learning more myself, like how to string my guitar and such. It is amazing what leaves you when you don't use it.