Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nerding Out

First, Yosemite was AWESOME once I let go of my expectations. I had a rather pissy moment when I realized that we had schlepped the snowshoes all that way just to find the snow on the valley floor not deep enough to warrant them. But we hiked to Mirror Lake, went to Badger Pass and learned the basics of cross-country skiing (which is much cheaper and better exercise than downhill), and saw AMAZING views. There was this one moment coming back on the bus from Badger Pass and we went by Tunnel View... I found a picture from somebody we must have driven right by. SERIOUSLY DOESN'T THIS MAKE YOU DIE:

I'm going to get that printed as a gift for Dan. OHMYGOSH. My Mom seemed to enjoy the trip as well. We stayed at my Uncle J & Aunt Joan's for two nights as well, and my Uncle Steve and Aunt Debbie and cousin Joel came down to see us on New Year's Day and it was the most glorious ball of happiness anybody could ask for. My uncles make me weep with laughter and Aunt Debbie gave me another Elnasuper sewing machine and a quart-size Ziploc FULL of vintage sewing feet and my Aunt Joan is just the best hostess anybody could ask for...I LOVE my family.

As for the nerding out, I got more backpacking stuff. For my friends who are not into this magnificent obsession, I have a gigantic weak spot for cool ultralight stuff that lets me enjoy what I do without crying every time I put on a backpack. Dan got me a space-age sleeping pad, a NeoAir, that weighs stinking 13 ounces and is fatter and longer than my old pad that weighed in the neighborhood of two pounds (but made for an awesome night's sleep). I should compose an entry tracing my history with getting into backpacking and then "converting" to light/ultralight packing.

In the sad news category, tomorrow is one year since Dad died. Wow, that is surreal. Some people would probably drink a lot, and believe me since I come from a line of alcoholics I can empathize. I'm listening to louder music in the car a lot more often. I need to finally write a eulogy of sorts. He was such a great guy.

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Tara said...

That picture is freaking awesome.