Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snags & Starts

I promise I will continue the eulogy. But not today.

We've hit a small snag in getting Amos back to Mississippi. Even the smallest U-Haul will cost $1300. I need to investigate truckers with empty or partial loads. Amos is thinking of buying a cheap van (if he can even save any money) and then selling it when he gets there. Dan wants me to gently suggest that Amos sell some of his less-necessary goods and then try to replace them secondhand when he gets home. I'm going to have Amos help me with my gigantic yard sale and then give him the proceeds. I may solicit donations from friends as well.

I start back to school this week. Just one class, Intermediate Algebra, but it's five units so that's plenty. It's the math prerequisite for the introductory chemistry course that I'm considering taking this fall. No matter what field I choose to study, I have to rebuild my math skills. I flat out stink!

We still have absolutely no idea what we're doing with our lives. I had the idea that Dan should look for work in LA, so we could move to Pomona and he could enroll at Cal Poly Pomona to get his masters/credential. But there seem to be precious few jobs for him in LA - again, we are trapped in south Orange County. I hate this golden prison more and more.


Kathryn said...

I guess it depends on where in Pomona you'd want to live....but take it from someone who grew up there: live anywhere but there! I have fond memories of my youth and early teen years. But I have also have lots of reasons why I wouldn't ever want to live there again.

colleeeen said...

There is no way I would move to a city of that size and that reputation without carefully researching crime rates by ZIP and neighborhood. And we'd be switching over to homeschooling, since they have no elementary charter schools.

Kimberly said...

I like N. Pomona where there is some overlap of the Claremont school district. You can find some good schools, nice older neighborhoods, and easy access to all the major arteries of transportation.

Of course if you ever decided to come back to Chino... I'd not complain :)