Saturday, February 27, 2010

And More Job Nonsense

The purchase, if it happens, will not be final now until April or May. The buyer has to be publicly announced and then the board must deliberate on it for 45 days, according to law. So we know for sure Dan has a job at least until then. OK, I can be calm about that. Knowing who the buyer is might illuminate whether Dan will be kept or not. If Dan does end up getting laid off, May would be ideal.

Dan's lunch with "Rob" went well. Basically, Rob would love to have him back, and Dan would love to be back. The problems are: the GM may still say no (he intensely disliked Dan 2.5 years ago), it will almost certainly involve a pay cut (the benefits are much better at Dan's current job, so even if they match his salary we will still lose money), and Dan may have to be patient before he can transition into the exact work he wants to be doing.

So we're still going to look at the major fixer today. I don't care if we sleep in the garage all summer long, provided it will work for us.

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