Saturday, February 20, 2010

Garage Sold

Garage Sale Wave I is finished. I was absurdly pleased that a really nice couple bought my Kafka anthology. I made $122, and didn't even sell half of what I put out. I'm debating just packing it all off to Goodwill or saving it for Garage Sale Wave II.

Wow, am I tired. This was a rough week. My car was in the shop, Dan got really sick and missed two days of work, I knocked myself out getting stuff sorted, dusted and priced for the sale, and I pitched in and helped with some last-minute costume stuff for Road Show. I took a break this afternoon to sit in the hot tub and I actually fell asleep in it.

I got 88% on the algebra exam - lots of stupid mistakes. I think that might be the worst I've done on an exam since I went back to college. I really love getting A's, but right now I may have to settle for B's.

Did you know I am a reluctant enjoyer of Twilight? It's my secret shame. I dragged my friend Connie to see New Moon at the dollar theatre, and we had a great time. It's so so so cornball and teenage. We sat in front of two young men with Down Syndrome who provided loud running commentary throughout the whole movie and they were AWESOME. I always, always want to see movies with them now. I tell you all this because I liked the New Moon soundtrack enough to actually order the songbook so I could learn some of the songs on guitar. I've been practicing and practicing, like a woman on fire, and although my pinky is still MADDENINGLY clumsy I've actually improved a lot. I won't be playing at church anytime soon, but I'm not embarrassed to play in front of friends now.


Jessica said...

Now I'm REALLY sad I missed the movie, rather than just a little wistful. I wonder what it would be like to watch it with my mouthy, genious 12-year-old nephew?

Stephanie said...

Whenever we have a garage sale, we decide to never bring anything back into our house. Once the sale is done, we pack everything up and take it to Goodwill that day. If we don't do that, we end up saving it and saving it and saving it until it bores a hole in our brain.

If you decide to have another garage sale, have it this next weekend or at least really, really soon. You'll just get annoyed otherwise.

I love that you love Twilight because of two special-needs boys. There are worse reasons to love Twilight.