Friday, February 26, 2010

Kickin' Tires

We're going to go look at the water-damaged house tomorrow, just to see if it's remotely suitable for us after repairs. It's going to be a money pit, but we're considering making an offer for not much more than land value *IF* the house layout is semi-acceptable. I don't mind the idea of stripping a house down to the studs and re-doing it. I already know I can live in conditions most people would find deplorable. I can do demolition. I can nail up new siding, I can cut and install styrofoam insulation, I can work around having no kitchen cabinets for quite a while (I just need a stove and a sink to wash the dishes in). I can learn how to lay tile. I can spray boric acid to repel termites. I can't necessarily fix the decks, I can't install drywall or mud it, I can't fix any framing/support problems. I can't re-wire. We would have to get a construction/purchase loan. It's all just smoke for now, anyway.

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Jessica said...

Drywall isn't that complicated, but it does require two people. Wiring can be learned (if you have a friend to teach it to you- my Dad taught a bunch to my hubby) and done in spare time by one adventurous person.