Friday, February 19, 2010

Weighting My Decisions

We're going to look at another house up in the canyons. The price point is attractive; so attractive that we could pay it off in less than 15 years if we so chose. Dan could take a pay cut in exchange for more time off work, which would mean more family vacations.

It's 1,140 square feet, 200 smaller than what we have here, but in all honesty we aren't using all the square footage here, unless you count piling furniture and lesser-used items along one end of the great room. It has a 2-car garage and possibly some driveway as well (it's hard to tell from the pictures).

But the lot is small - 4000 square feet - and sloped, although the pictures show that somebody has already terraced it. It's on the south side, which means it's shadier, although that depends on the slope behind it too. The south side also occasionally has a rock break loose and roll down, although again that depends on the slope - this one might be safer, but I'm going by memory when I say that. It's not on the main road, which means it will be pretty quiet and I can feel reasonably safe letting the boys out to play. We would also be walking distance from our two friends in the canyon, who have kids very close to ours in age.

We would have to homeschool or drive the boys down the hill to school, 16 miles one way. Silverado Elementary was closed due to budget cuts, and I'm not putting my boys on the bus to Orange - AN HOUR AWAY BY SCHOOL BUS! So that would raise our gas costs and our pollution output. But I really like the immersion program and don't want to pull the boys out of it. We could probably still have the chickens, but I might have to find another place to grow my veggies - strike a deal with somebody to share the bounty if I can grow on their land.

Your thoughts? I'm always open to advice.


Stephanie said...

It sounds like it's a reasonable option - but I would hate to see you get into something just because the price is right. It seems good - just not great.

As always, I know you'll make the best decision - I know it!

Jessica said...

There are some definite pros, but I just can't see you not growing a garden on your own property.