Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally! Planting!

First round of spring seeds went in the mini greenhouses today. Planted:

Scarlet runner beans (to cover the trellises I'm putting in front of the south-facing windows), triomphe de farcy bush beans, soyu cucumbers, pasilla bajio chiles, NuMex Joe Parker chiles, persimmon tomatoes, red & yellow brandywines.

Next round will be: trionfo violetto pole beans (thanks for the tip, Jessica), New Zealand Spinach, "butterbean" soybeans, clary sage, mitsuba, and some herbs yet to be decided upon. And oh! The blue corn needs to get started! I still have all of last summer's harvest saved up.

We are considering making a land purchase in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, outside of Fresno. That way if Dan decides to go back to school we can park a trailer on our acres and live super cheap for a couple of years. No matter what, we could keep it as a retirement property. We're trying to cycle through as many options as we can think up.


Jessica said...

Is there a trick to growing soybeans? They never make it to production in my garden. I get maybe one bean on a scrubby little plant.

colleeeen said...

I have no idea. This is year #1 for soybeans!

Ken said...

Blue corn?! I want to grow blue corn!! We had a great corn crop last summer. We plan to grow a bunch this year too. Do you have a source I can order from?