Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Good Enough!

I cheated, I admit it, but I pared down my time-wasting significantly and that is a win in itself.

I wish I could say that on top of studying algebra like a madwoman and practicing guitar I was also incredibly productive, but the truth is that the house is a disaster, the yard is covered in chicken droppings, almost every article of clothing is dirty and I have my work cut out for me during Spring Break - firewood choppin', new coop-buildin', garden clearin', and . At least I have my mini greenhouse cells filled with soil and most of the seeds picked out, even though I am sooooo late in getting this started.

Yeah, you heard me, I ain't goin' nowhere. I can't think of anybody who can watch Eli for 5 days on what I can afford to offer. It looks like poor Dan will be subjected to the nauseating martyr act several times this summer. It is fundamentally unfair that he can take time off from work and I cannot because I am unpaid labor. I should make a "time off" jar and start filling it in with all the times I have stayed home while he has gone off without me for a re-charge in the mountains. Then I'll cash it all in someday. I could go away all summer long by the time that's an option.


Jessica said...

I take it that making him use vacation time to watch the kids while you go off and do something isn't an option?

colleeeen said...

He gets two weeks. If I made him do that, we would have no family vacation time at all. I'd have to choose between having him for a week in Montana (our annual-to-semi-annual pilgrimage), or me getting to skive off for a week.