Friday, April 09, 2010


I finally put some vegetable plants in the ground, which could be interpreted as a sign of hopefulness. One of the front yard raised beds now has 6 Beefsteak tomato plants. I have about 9 Anaheim chile plants waiting to go in, two "Big Daddy" bell pepper plants, two different eggplants (Millionaire and Baby Blush), 3 Stevia bushes and a bunch of onions.

More than half of the seeds I planted did not sprout, so I'm starting again. I over-watered; some of the beans rotted. Why the chile seeds didn't sprout is a mystery to me, as the tomatoes were very happy to sprout under the same watering conditions.

On to D's work. We have yet another promise of more information coming next week. I hate this.

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