Monday, April 12, 2010

What the H-ll should I do?

Annemarie called last night; her tenant has given her notice. We are going to look at the house tonight. D is still deeply reluctant to make any commitments until he knows what is going on with his job; I am sick to death of this limbo and since I have no way of knowing when or if it will ever end (even if the parent company sells, they could always spin off D's division), I am in favor of just living as if it isn't happening. If he gets laid off, he WILL find another job - on Dice, there are two pages of job listings for firmware engineers within 25 miles of where we live.

The pros: $400 less in rent every month. Modjeska is beautiful and quiet.

The cons: Massively inconvenient. We'd have to drive the boys down the hill to school every day - 9.5 miles each way. New church ward, but we'd probably see if we can still attend our current ward.

If I could come up with an idea to bring in about $300 a month, I would feel OK about staying. Our gasoline expenses would probably increase by at least $100 a month if we moved uphill.

D wonders if getting laid off might be the kicker in getting us launched out of southern California. But if we leave, where do we go? We're trapped by D's career - San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle - none of these are any more affordable than where we are. Texas is so very far away, and so very flat. Florida is even worse on both of those counts. Phoenix... I love you Stephanie, but we'd have to be desperate before I would even consider it. Salt Lake City? Ohhhhh no.

It kind of deflates my heart to realize that not all of our dreams will come true. I have to keep working hard to keep gratitude first and foremost in my heart. I *am* grateful. Bitterness is not my friend, though she sure tries to be.


Stephanie said...

If "desperate" ever comes knocking - just know you have someone to stay with while you house-hunt! It really is lovely up here for 80 percent of the year - it's just the summers that are awful.

And did you know there are TWO growing seasons here? Just more to plant and discover!

Jessica said...

Jon's grandmother's house is still available. 1 acre in a non-incorporated area of glendale about a mile from the baseball stadium. Livestock legal. I'd move there myself if not for the horrendous ecxema on my kids every time we visit. I have a serious urge to build an earthship.

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

We have hills, in fact Austin is the eastern edge of "The Hill Country" Even without mountains there are lots of amazing places to hike. And lots of rivers. You are welcome to stay with us if you ever want to just check it out. (and we have two growing seasons also) I even know of a place for sale that is 8 acres, comes with lots of goats, 10 chickens(and a big walk in hen house.), two roosters, a garden house, HUGE work shed storage thing, and a one room house. $150,000 and you would have to build a house. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of the facts, no pressure. :)