Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why, oh why am I crazy?

I'm supposed to be getting ready for the big anniversary party this Saturday. You had better be coming, or I will hold a grudge against you for the better part of a day (OK, if you have a good excuse I've forgiven you already). We have mostly cleared the side yard (thank you Stephen!), where the dancing part of the hootenanny will take place. I am struggling with how to light the side yard, but I think a combination of solar LED pathlights, a few borrowed propane lanterns, a bright moon and some white Christmas lights should hopefully do the trick. I still need to figure out where I'm putting the empty water storage barrels that STILL have not been picked up by my forgetful friends. We'll need to borrow a truck and steal tables & chairs from church.

Party eco-ethics are tricky. I want to just make a big ol' pot of cheater posole, but I do not have reusable bowls. I have several dozen reusable plastic plates, but no bowls. I do not want to generate a bunch of trash, so I may have to come up with another idea. Too bad I already bought two 6-lb cans of hominy. Guests will drink out of as many Mason jars as I can drum up, but I will probably have to resort to plastic cups as well. We'll have international sodas & lemonade & water and maybe, just maybe a big batch of sweetened Mugicha (a Japanese drink brewed from roasted barley, WAY tasty). D wants to order samosas as well, but I'm leaving that up to him. Some wonderful people from church are also bringing food, but I have no idea what so it will be a surprise smorgasbord.

And since I tend to cram way too many things into way too little time, we're going to the Grand Canyon next week. We'll need to clean up after the party AND pack before we leave on Wednesday. Plus we're packing extra for our friends that are coming with us. And we need to line up a chicken-sitter.

I bought myself a "new" guitar to take into the canyon. It's an original-model Martin Backpacker. It looks like this:

Even I can't believe how little I paid for it! It's a steel string but it sounded awful so I switched to high-tension nylon strings. You are NOT supposed to put nylons on a steel string because the neck is adjusted for a particular tension, but since the neck and body are all one solid piece on this type of guitar I'm taking my chances. It sounds much nicer now, a quiet guitar sound but with a slight banjo twang. I'm still getting used to it.


Kristy Lou said...

I bought reusable bowls and plates from Target not that long ago that were pretty cheap... like 1-2 bucks. Now they are plastic, but I figure they are still better then buying paper plates any time we want to have friends over for a BBQ. They have great cups there too.

If you really need to get disposable, there are cups now that are made from recycled materials, or ones made with vegetables like potato starch-no joke. They are not a pretty white, but more of a tan color, but at least I know it didn't take petroleum to make them. I get mine from Albertsons. They are great if I have to bring early morning breakfast to a work appointment.

Hope that helps a little. I bet it will be a great party. Congrats to you and Dan both!

Stephanie said...

Wish I was coming!

Make the posole and serve it over rice - that way you can do the whole plate thing - you'll just have to make sure it's pretty thick (which shouldn't be hard if you're putting that much hominy in it).

I really wish I was coming . . .

The whole reason I want to play the guitar is so that I can take my guitar camping with me. You are one lucky woman. Good luck at the canyon!

Love you!

Nora's world said...

I'm sorry we can't come. If you need a home for all the mason jars after they are used as beverage containers, I would happily buy them off you... or trade some back when I have filled them with produce/jam.

Nora's world said...

If someone up here is going down, I have a bunch of big Mason jars if you need some... I would just like them back. :)

liannallama said...

what a beautiful instrument--it looks so romantic!

Have each guest bring their own bowl if they want posole, LOL! Then there wont' be any mess, either since they can take it home with them too!

I hope you have a blast at your party. We're going to Disneyland and celebrating our anniversary dinner at Blue Bayou. Cheesy but fun!

christine said...

I'm down with the"bring your own bowl" thing. I have a lot of nice wooden bowls too, reuseable and beautiful!!

Kimba said...

I'm really sorry I missed the whole fun. I'd have liked to have gotten out of my house, but Sabrina had some serious assignments due and I couldn't leave her to do them on her own. If it makes you feel better, I really had to suffer with her practicing new lyrics to Jingle Bells about Christopher Columbus and his exploration with a negative slant in preparation for a class presentation (ooh fun).

I applaud your eco awareness. It is fun to drink out of mason jars.

Also, I'm jealous about the new guit-fiddle. I'd love to get back to playing again- perhaps this summer if I can fit it into my busy schedule of doing nothing and doing let's see... nothing.

Congratulations on 15 years to you and Dan.