Friday, May 14, 2010

The Incestuous World of Storage

For the last three years D has been working in what's called "storage," meaning data storage and accessibility. It's a small, small world and due to the constant shifting tides of employment pretty much everybody knows and has worked with somebody else at pretty much any other company in the biz. I mentioned that D's soon to be ex-boss has been shopping the team around and she has already lined up a mass interview today at noon. There were 26 people in the email she sent out, so the interviews are going to take all day.

BUT, this is not a company D wants to work for. The scuttlebutt he has heard is that they are a sweatshop, with long overtime hours (unpaid, because he'll be salaried) and frequent weekend sessions (also unpaid). He has also heard that they are cheap in regards to the tools and equipment they will buy (which is probably part of why they work overtime - inefficient tools and not enough to go around). BUT he has no desire to burn bridges and he is open-minded, so he dutifully filled out paperwork last night and went on the prowl for a 24-hour Kinko's so he could fax them in (our scanner is on the blink), and will go to the epic interviews today. We may be saved by the fact that D is a bit expensive, so this company might not want him anyway. OR the scuttle may be all wrong, they may be great and end up a perfect fit. All I know is that I want D to ENJOY what he does again, and I don't want to get too much poorer.

There is another possibility. D immediately contacted his former boss, of whom we are so very very fond, and began networking any paths found there. Then D contacted a sales rep for a company whose products he really enjoyed working with, told him he wanted to work with their stuff again, and did they know anybody using their stuff who was hiring? They were very enthusiastic about passing on D's resume to a local company they had nothing but good to say about, with the promise that they would really talk him up (Like I said, D really liked collaborating with these folks). So something may come of that. Or, he could go work for Intel in Folsom, which would at least be a new place and a bit of an adventure (plus I have family there!). They have a position open that is pretty much a perfect match for him.

Update: The first company made him an offer, good until Monday. No pressure, right? Ha!


liannallama said...

yikes! Pressure!

Why isn't Dan on Linked In? It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up and it is a great networking resource. Have him sign up and link to me even though I'm in another industry. It's all about who you know. You know somebody who knows somebody who can get you the info (or interview) you need.

Stephanie said...

I'll be praying that your prayers will be answered!! What a weekend you have ahead of you!