Monday, May 17, 2010

Makin' It Work

Unless another job offer pops up by the end of today, D is going to accept the offer. He said it was the weirdest interview process he's ever been through. They wouldn't even tell him what he's going to be doing or who he'll be working with, which makes us think there's ether a BIG SECRET or they just don't have the new hires sorted out yet. Obviously we are hoping for super-interesting top secret amazing fancy-pants new product development, but the more likely scenario is that it will be a little more boring than that. D has talking been on the phone like a teenage girl all weekend - "What did they say to you? Did they say anything about so-and-so? Did they make you an offer? Are you going to take it? What about so-and so, did you talk to him?"

The biggest problem is that the job is twelve miles away. Laughable, I know, but we are spoiled. For the past 8 years, D has always come home for lunch. For five years, we lived TWO miles away from his work - he walked to work when the temperatures were nice. Twelve miles means no more lunches at home. If the job turns out to be something he wants to stay at, we'll consider moving to Santa Ana, where the job is. There's a K-5 school with an immersion program three miles from the new job, and if we could find a decent place to rent in one of Santa Ana's good neighborhoods (I won't lie to you, it has some bad ones) we would have ourselves a new adventure of sorts. But all of that is yet another giant "maybe."


Stephanie said...

I feel relief for you. I hope this is what Dan wants!

liannallama said...

wow! A lot of changes for you! I hope he gets to work on something new and super cool with a good atmosphere and no sweat shop!