Friday, May 07, 2010

More planting, More Time-Wasting.

Moving more seedlings out, planting more seeds. I am a Jenny-come-lately this year. I finally planted the flour corn, some lima beans, chia, and red quinoa. I made a lettuce planter to keep on the back patio, in partial shade, and yesterday I scattered purple carrot and French breakfast radish seeds in the empty spaces.

We're going to look at another house on Monday. It's in Modjeska. It's a probate sale with a reverse mortgage on it, AND it's a fixer so it won't qualify for traditional financing. But it's 1900 sf on an 8k lot, so it's worth at least looking at. The pictures are atrocious. They keep slashing the price and it's down to $299k now, plus they say, "Make us an offer!" right in the listing. However, if they get much lower then the reverse mortgage will render it a short sale. Could it be any more complicated? Soooooo, I am actually not tremendously hopeful about it.

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