Saturday, May 08, 2010

Well, They Were Funny to Me

Unintentional license plate humor time!

E goes to preschool with the child of a lovely woman who I don't know as well as I should, but I am inclined to like. She runs a kind of recreational day camp for kids. Her car has advertisements on it for her business. Her license plate says:


It is so openly blunt about the fact that she runs a business for money. I adore it and it makes me chuckle every single time I see it. I would never have a license plate that blunt. I am in awe.

I was behind a truck at a red light. It was a window-washing company truck, covered in graphics and advertising the business' phone # and website. The license plate said:


Which, to me, does NOT translate to "I do windows." I was glad it was a long red light because the laughing took a while to subside.


samandholly said...

Widows seem like such an unlikely target for "doing"... Or maybe he's just a really kind window-washer who provides a cleaning service for those unable to get to those high second story windows?

Jessica said...

I am told my grandpa had a term for youngish widows who would call up men they knew for help around the house. "Grass widows"- because they needed their lawn mowed, you see. I have no idea if he meant, or even got, the lewd joke there.

Stephanie said...

I love this!

For some reason I was thinking about "black" widows as I was laughing hysterically.